The Value

The price of EquiHealth supplements works out to the following cost per day for a horse:

EquiFuel - 4 lb bag $2.10 / day
8 lb container $1.75 / day
24 lb container $1.50 / day

EquiStar - 4 lb bag $2.86 / day
8 lb container $2.50 / day
24 lb container $1.94 / day

Daily cost, however, does not determine value.  EquiHealth supplements are preventive measures formulated to help keep your equine athlete healthy, and combat the types of infections and gastric conditions commonly suffered in stabled animals. Let's take a look at the potential costs of doing nothing.

Veterinary Bills - Vet trucks are expensive, as are the doctors driving them.  We have nothing against veterinarians, but owning a horse is costly enough without paying them to diagnose and treat problems that could have been prevented.  

Medications - Prescribed and over-the-counter medications to treat infections and gastro-intestinal issues are sold at a high price.  Antibiotics do not allow a horse to build up the natural immunity needed to fight off future infections, and in fact hinder that ability. Gastrointestinal medications cannot undo damage that has already been done.  In both cases, recurrence is likely. The best way to avoid these expenses and ensure your horse's long-term well-being is to provide the natural protections needed to help prevent these issues.

Lost Purse/Prize Money - For many equestrians, horses are not only their passion but are also their business.  The equine athlete must help pay for itself through earned purse or prize money. If your horse is sick in its stall instead of on the track or in the show ring, it loses the opportunity to make money for you.  At risk is your ability to make a living doing what you love.

Undervaluing Your Equine Athlete - Chronic infections and/or gastrointestinal problems will likely cause a horse to perform below its natural ability.  Perhaps your $10,000 claimer should be running for $13,000, or your allowance horse belongs in stakes races. Maybe your show jumper that currently can't surpass the Regional Standard could be competing at the National Standard. Your Novice cutting horse may never reach a higher class if it is suffering from chronic infections or stomach problems.  These issues negatively impact both the current value of the animal and its future breeding potential.

Stand-Alone Vitamin/Mineral Supplements - If you are currently buying your horse the vitamins and minerals contained in EquiHealth offerings, eliminating them will immediately help pay for our supplements.  More importantly, our revolutionary formulations ensure the highest absorption rates, ensuring that your horse receives the greatest benefits from these essential nutrients.  Go to "Equine Products" for a complete listing of the vitamins and minerals contained in EquiFuel and EquiStar.

Inability To Enjoy Your Horse - Equestrians love to ride, train and compete their horses.  Few things make them feel worse that having a sick animal.  Be it equine athlete or pet, you want to enjoy your horse as often as possible.  EquiHealth supplements will help your horse maintain the health, strength and vigor to keep you in the saddle!