Chris of Harpers Ferry, WV

“EquiFuel has been instrumental in improving the overall health and vitality in all my horses in training. The glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM have been very beneficial to maintaining and improving joint issues. Overall, I recommend EquiFuel to anyone that is trying to improve their horses overall health and well being.”

Julie of Charles Town, WV

“I have been using EquiFuel for over a year on all of my horses. They are healthy and sickness has gone away. Their stomachs are good; they train hard and travel well. By using EquiFuel I have saved money by discontinuing the use of other supplements already contained in EquiFuel. I also naturally save money on vet bills and drug treatments that are the result of the healthy condition of my horses. I am very satisfied with the product and will continue to use it and recommend it.”

Sherry of Charles Town, WV

“I got a horse that wasn’t eating anything, was about 75 pounds under weight and I started to give her EquiFuel with just straight grain and after about 30 days I clipped all the dead hair off and underneath she was new horse, new coat and dapples everywhere.”

W. H. Ross Stable of Margate, FL

“I recently had a horse with a serious eye problem; something had entered his eye and caused it to cloud over to the point it was hard for the horse to see. He was having a very difficult time on the track, his vision was obscured and he acted as if he was seeing things that weren’t there. After consulting with an eye specialist, it was suggested that his immune system, if healthy, would in time, help clear up the problem. I put the horse on EquiStar and within months his eye cleared up and looked as normal as it should. I believe this product played a large part in this horses’ recovery and I intend to use it on my horses in the future.”

Victoria of Harpers Ferry, WV

“EquiFuel is the best product I have every used for the immune system. I have scoped my filly just to be sure her lungs were clean. She scoped clean every time. Any horse I will ever own will be on EquiFuel.”

Irvine Racing Stable of Plainville, MA

"I have a 3 year old Filly that has a chronic problem with sickness and weak immune system. Since using EquiStar she has had no sickness and her blood is much improved. I have used the product for 3 months and have gotten proven results. Thanks EquiStar…Brad Irvine."

Karin of Fresno, CA

"Just wanted to touch base and give you some info on the horses.  I have found it interesting that my endurance horse is maintaining hydration levels.  That is always a problem.  Change in muscle tone all the way around is better for all of them.  We are coming up on our worming cycle- this will be interesting to see the effect and results of that…Impressed specifically with the Electrolyte pane, consisting of Sodium, Potassium and Chloride.  Chemistries improved as well primarily in the Glucose and total protein numbers.  With endurance horses that's where improvement counts. -good news is that my friends are impressed with overall stamina and hydration maintenance through our races.  Vet checks at mile markers have graded us high.  I typically compete in 30 milers, we have done 2, 50 milers and my Arabia out performed herself….."

R. Beekmann Stables, Inc.  of Deleon Springs, FL

"My horse had permanent diarrhea from antibiotics.  After a double dose of EquiStar for 48 hr he was 150% better."

Joe Kroll Stable of Lake Worth, FL

“We started on EquiStar 4 months ago and the results have been outstanding. They have all put on weight and their stomachs are much improved, In addition, they feel fantastic. Plus, their coats are shiny.”

 Dan O’Mara Stables of Deleon Springs, FL

“We have a mare that for years didn’t eat well and always had stomach issues-she was on many types of ulcer/gut products and still had problems. We started on EquiStar and she now cleans in her bucket every feeding and eats all of her hay as well. In general she feels better.”

Whitney Racing Stable of Auburn, Maine

“After purchasing EquiFuel we’ve seen amazing results on all horses as far as appearance, attitude, and performance. As each horse is different in personality and capability; all horses are showing progress. Appetites are great!! It’s has only been 2 weeks and we should see more results by the end of 30 days.”

 Kathryn of Boca Raton, Fl

“EquiFuel and EquiStar are two products that I believe truly believe in. After just a month or two using these products I have seen health improvement in all my horses. I can compare them favorably with any other supplements on the market today. Both EquiFuel and EquiStar have been proven to be cost effective to use and are a great value for the price. It keeps the horse’s immune system working efficiently and intact in support of all of its rigorous activities.”

Sport Horse International, Kristen of Boca Raton, FL

"I noticed that both horses I fed this product (EquiStar) to maintained better overall performance. In Florida, horses have to show in extreme heat and I didn’t have to battle the highs and lows of heat exhaustion for either horse. Additionally, their coughing disappeared in the first week. I also perceived a better enhancement emotionally for both horses. They seemed to be less fussy during workouts. We love the product and will use it to help us compete in the show ring."