The only good decisions are informed decisions.  When choosing the best products for your horse, we hope you ask lots of questions. Contact your EquiHealth representative to determine if our supplements are right for your equine athlete.

Why are EquiHealth supplements effective? - Both EquiFuel and EquiStar are proprietary formulations by EquiHealth.  They represent decades of research in equine physiology, and address specific issues that affect the horse's overall well-being.  The benefits of Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan and Probiotics for both humans and animals have been scientifically proven. EquiHealth has applied this knowledge to the specific physical requirements of horses that are not generally free to graze.  Our ingredients are unsurpassed in quality and purity, and are combined to maximize product absorption by the animal. No other supplements on the market are as effective in delivering the Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan, Probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals to the horse.

What is the difference between EquiFuel and EquiStar? EquiFuel is specifically formulated to bolster a horse's immune system.  Our revolutionary blend of Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan, Vitamins, Minerals and associated ingredients allow the horse to better resist infections and receive needed nutrition. EquiStar was created to help horses suffering from gastrointestinal problems.  These animals require the immunological assistance and nutritional supplements found in EquiFuel, but also need Probiotics to normalize the gastrointestinal functions.  Gastrointestinal problems are common in animals eating differently than what nature prepared them for.  An additional immunological boost is necessary, which is provided by the inclusion of Vitamin C.

What proof do you have that EquiHealth supplements work? - The positive effects of Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan and Probiotics for horses have been proven in many scientific studies.  The specific ingredients and blends we developed are the product of rigorous testing and refinement over many years, and we have seen our formulations provide better results than anything on the market.  But why take our word for it? Many horse owners and trainers have experienced great results feeding EquiFuel and EquiStar to their equine athletes. Their experiences are the best proof that we (or anyone) can provide.  Go to "Testimonials" to learn what our customers have to say.

Are any EquiHealth ingredients banned for use in racing/competition horses? - No!  All ingredients found in EquiFuel and EquiStar are legal for use in racing/competition horses.  Our supplements are all-natural, and contain no banned ingredients.  The ingredients used in EquiHealth supplements have been approved for use by the United States Equestrian Federation.

How can EquiHealth supplements lower the overall costs associated with my horse? - A sick horse is expensive in many ways.  Veterinary visits and medications represent significant, and often unplanned, expenses.  The treatment costs for a horse suffering from infections or gastrointestinal problems will likely be more in the long-run than including EquiHealth supplements in daily feedings.  You can also stop paying separately for the vitamins and minerals contained in EquiFuel and EquiStar.  Consider the cost of leaving your horse in its stall because of an infection or gastrointestinal problem.  Days that the horse is unable to train and compete costs you the purse/prize money necessary for its upkeep.  Go to "The Value" to review this subject in more detail.

How are EquiHealth supplements administered? - EquiFuel and EquiStar are "top-dress" products. Each purchased container will include a 2 oz scoop.  Add 1 scoop to the horse's feed once a day.  Do not offer EquiFuel or EquiStar to the horse as a free choice food.

Can I start using EquiHealth supplements after my horse has become ill? - Yes!  Not only are EquiFuel and EquiStar excellent preventive measures, but horses suffering acute problems have shown dramatic improvement within days after adding EquiHealth supplements to their daily feedings as directed.

Are EquiHealth supplements beneficial for my pleasure horse? - Infections and gastrointestinal problems do not limit themselves to racing, show or other competition horses.  Even if you don't consider your animal an "equine athlete," EquiFuel or EquiStar may be a great supplement to their daily feeding. Contact your EquiHealth representative to discuss your pleasure horse's specific needs.